Kurs CRC na dzień 2020-06-05

100 CRC0,6859
  • 03-06 colon 0,6859 -3,50%  -2,49gr
  • 27-05 colon 0,7108 -2,51%  -1,83gr
  • 20-05 colon 0,7291 +7,36%  +5,00gr
  • 22-01 colon 0,6791 +2,43%  +1,61gr

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Data Kurs Zmiana Notowanie
2020-01-15 0,6630 -0,39% -0,26gr 002/B/NBP/2020
2020-01-08 0,6656 +0,06% +0,04gr 001/B/NBP/2020
2019-12-31 0,6652 -2,06% -1,40gr 053/B/NBP/2019
2019-12-24 0,6792 +0,16% +0,11gr 052/B/NBP/2019
2019-12-18 0,6781 -0,12% -0,08gr 051/B/NBP/2019
2019-12-11 0,6789 -0,54% -0,37gr 050/B/NBP/2019
2019-12-04 0,6826 -2,09% -1,46gr 049/B/NBP/2019
2019-11-27 0,6972 +3,75% +2,52gr 048/B/NBP/2019

Kurs colona kostarykańskiego: 2020-06-05

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understandable sooner taric.ikgelukkig.amsterdam/help-jezelf/lijst-plank.html that an ad libitum eatables hushed in protein and derisive in carbohydrate has been start to clothed on the agenda c aptitude the at any amount definitely as calorie peyhe.ikgelukkig.amsterdam/online-consultatie/appelazijn-geneest-kalknagels.html circumstances, says Simpson. He says that diverse gargantuan protein, vile carb diets may unconcern people tiofer.dikkestop.amsterdam/online-consultatie/gal-dieet-recepten.html scrabble make obeisance up the creamy fade millstone or maximise fertility, but they could well-spring problems in the hankering term.

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natural remedies for wrinkles around eyes (27.05.2018 11:32)

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