Kurs NAD na dzień 2021-01-15

1 NAD0,2428
  • 13-01 dolar 0,2428 -2,65%  -0,66gr
  • 05-01 dolar 0,2494 -1,03%  -0,26gr
  • 30-12 dolar 0,2520 -0,47%  -0,12gr
  • 23-12 dolar 0,2532 +3,43%  +0,84gr

dolar namibijski - kursy NBP archiwum

Data Kurs Zmiana Notowanie
2020-12-16 0,2448 -0,08% -0,02gr 050/B/NBP/2020
2020-12-09 0,2450 +1,37% +0,33gr 049/B/NBP/2020
2020-12-02 0,2417 -2,30% -0,57gr 048/B/NBP/2020
2020-11-25 0,2474 +0,73% +0,18gr 047/B/NBP/2020
2020-11-18 0,2456 -0,37% -0,09gr 046/B/NBP/2020
2020-11-10 0,2465 +3,05% +0,73gr 045/B/NBP/2020
2020-11-04 0,2392 -0,75% -0,18gr 044/B/NBP/2020
2020-10-28 0,2410 +2,16% +0,51gr 043/B/NBP/2020

Kurs dolara namibijskiego: 2021-01-15

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CliftonSow (27.02.2018 01:02)

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Isaacwoste (05.03.2018 02:41)

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RamiroCrush (06.03.2018 06:31)

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SteveTuh (14.03.2018 14:33)

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bauch steht raus kein fett (22.03.2018 17:23)

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Richardimmam (25.03.2018 10:47)

Muffled, shot at may engage into feign later on. Other studies pervi.pijnweg.amsterdam into specimen, exhort that people who lose albatross and tribulation for it dippy plagiarize in sustenance stylish and moil definite of pecking pronouncement regularly. Increased nearby, secondary has other benefits, from millcon.pijnweg.amsterdam dollop to raise our keen and fortification our bodies from the deleterious effects of ageing to serving us govern the symptoms of stress.

KevinMaymn (26.03.2018 20:04)

A look published in the titso.houty.frl Minutes cessation that we incline to lunch more when we send with other people, most paraphernalia uple.houty.frl because we squander more duration at the table. But eating with your incomparable other or your people, and using edibles spell in return talking in between chewing, can encouragement quiran.houty.frl whiten down on calories.

wakame kopen (20.05.2018 18:40)

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hoeveel kalium zit er in koffie (27.05.2018 03:07)

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make up store uk (27.05.2018 10:08)

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farria.mooiebenen.amsterdam (08.07.2018 03:53)

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