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2020-06-01 0,5821 -0,78% -0,46gr 105/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-29 0,5867 -1,21% -0,72gr 104/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-28 0,5939 -0,72% -0,43gr 103/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-27 0,5982 -0,80% -0,48gr 102/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-26 0,6030 -0,79% -0,48gr 101/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-25 0,6078 -0,30% -0,18gr 100/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-22 0,6096 +0,20% +0,12gr 099/A/NBP/2020
2020-05-21 0,6084 -0,93% -0,57gr 098/A/NBP/2020

Kurs lira tureckiego: 2020-06-05

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