Kurs OMR na dzień 2020-10-21

1 OMR10,0388
  • 21-10 rial 10,0388 +0,93%  +9,27gr
  • 14-10 rial 9,9461 +0,38%  +3,72gr
  • 07-10 rial 9,9089 -1,12%  -11,23gr
  • 30-09 rial 10,0212 +0,40%  +3,98gr

rial omański - kursy NBP archiwum

Data Kurs Zmiana Notowanie
2020-09-23 9,9814 +2,23% +21,77gr 038/B/NBP/2020
2020-09-16 9,7637 -0,65% -6,34gr 037/B/NBP/2020
2020-09-09 9,8271 +1,88% +18,09gr 036/B/NBP/2020
2020-09-02 9,6462 -0,40% -3,87gr 035/B/NBP/2020
2020-08-26 9,6849 +1,48% +14,15gr 034/B/NBP/2020
2020-08-19 9,5434 -2,17% -21,17gr 033/B/NBP/2020
2020-08-12 9,7551 +0,95% +9,17gr 032/B/NBP/2020
2020-08-05 9,6634 -1,01% -9,83gr 031/B/NBP/2020

Kurs riala omańskiego: 2020-10-21

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